Friday, July 22, 2011

Introducing... Lucas Lee

Lucas is born on 22nd July 2011, 1406 hours, at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. He is 3.525kg in weight and 50cm in length. He looks alot like Xavier when he was just born, except he has more hair.

And his cry are alot louder and more forceful.

We presented Xavier with a "present" from Lucas and hope their relationship starts off on a positive note.

Below is Xavier's reaction when he first meets Lucas.

Lee Zhi Kang, Lucas, 李智康, welcome to the Lee family.


  1. baby Lucas must be bringing so much warmth and smiles to your family :)
    (don't forget to shower more attention for X ok)

  2. Yes we are planning to show more attention to Xavier. Was also another friend's advise too.