Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lucas the Terror(ist)

You might have notice the postings getting lesser, my eyebags getting bigger, my temper becoming "Hulk-like" and the fact that I haven't really post much about Lucas. All because of Lucas.

Let me try to explain this. Lucas has been holding Lilian "hostage" since birth. While he has loosen up abit and now plays with Xavier and myself in the day, he still goes into his terrorist mode at night. It's pretty funny (and I been waiting to get this scene on tape) when sometimes I'm carrying Lucas while Lilian do her stuff. His head and eyes would lock on Lilian like a hawk, much like in the movies where the surveillance camera turns to follow the target around. He would go into frenzy mode when Lilian (the target) is out of sight, sounding his "alarm" by making all sorts of noise.

And partly because we are so tired at the end of the day (looking after two boys) that we just give in to his "demands" just to put him to sleep. It's ironical cos we started him on his own cot in a separate room and was determined to keep him there and now he sleeps on our bed every night. Lilian had to latch him to sleep and whenever he wakes up at night. And he does wake up every single night to "spot check" if Lilian is around, once at 3am, once at 5am, and a random time.

With Xavier sleeping in the same room (on a separate smaller bed), it's gonna be an issue as Lucas grows older. Now I'm just hoping Lucas shows more of his adorable side and keep his terrorist side at bay.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Songkran 2012 - So Fun

Sawadee krup! I had the chance to experience Songkran this year and man, it was so fun.

I have always wanted to experience the festival having seen on TV. Songkran is actually Thailand's New Year and they celebrate it by throwing water at each other to wash away the bad luck and welcome the new year.

This year, our company decided to have an offsite in Phuket on the first day of Songkran. Brilliant.

The bus ride from the Airport to the Hotel took twice as long as usual as traffic slow to a crawl.

Along the way, the party mood could be felt as happy Thais stood in groups outside their houses and shops and "blessed" every motorist and vehical that passes by. Even though we were dry in the comfort of our bus, they still gamely spray our windows with their waterguns and pails.

As we snail nearer to Patong Beach, the heart of the party, things got wilder. We had pickup full of dancing boyband like guys, tourist and locals engaging water fights and even a caucasian lady doing a sexy dance for our bus. Thinking we needed more to us into party mood too, her partner pulled down her bikini top and flash us some boobies.

The epicenter of the party is at Bangla Road. The whole stretch of bars, nightclubs and pubs were turned into a giant water fighting arena for 1 day. Everyone were just throwing or spraying water at everyone in sight. Even police are not spared. They take it in good spirit and waterproof their walkie-talkies. People would take refuge at the bars and refill beers for themselves and ice water for their waterguns.

And the size of the waterguns available for sale are just so big and badass looking, at half the price of the much smaller gun a colleague had bring along from Singapore.

If you could survived 5m on this road without getting wet, you must have ninja skills. But its all good fun. We had collegues that went into the fun zone with rain coats but the party goers would lift up the rain coats and spray them wet. All of them were drenched in the end. Local police has a strong message for drunk party-goers.

I would love to join Songkran again, maybe next time with two boys and many waterguns.

Special thanks to Kelvin from Daddy NiVleK for lending me the DicaPac WP310 waterproof casing for my camera.