Saturday, 13 June 2020

Hello 2020

Fast forward to June 2020, this would be a year to remember. Covid-19 changes our life in ways we could never imagine. Like why I sudden feel like refreshing my blog and start casually posting random posts again. Let me wash my hands first before I type further...

So what have been taking up my blogging time during these four years plus? I went back to mobile gaming. I guess that is what I still find most joy with. Being in a virtual world doing things I cannot do in real life.

Anyway, it is time to shake things up and change a few things around, hopefully for the better.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Renovation: Ceiling Fans Service Centres Experience

Its been almost one year since my post on "Renovation: Ceiling Fans" and I have called the various service centres to service my fans for various reasons so I thought I pen down my experience and thoughts.

I have a total of five ceiling fans at my home, bought from three companies but all installed by my ID's contractor. As I have false ceilings at all five locations where the fans are installed, metal rod reinforcements to the real ceiling were needed. So far there were no complaints about the installation. Not even from the fan service team whom before the service visit had warned that they would charge extra if the fan issues were due to incorrect installation not done by them.

So the issues were with the fans, or should I say the un-necessary noise the fans were producing.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 5 & 6: Flying Cow Ranch/Taipei

Today marks the final day at Flying Cow Ranch. We had a quick breakfast and head for the three free morning activities again. But before that, some photo taking with the popping balloon dessert statue.

Spotting unusual insects with the boys on the way to the activities area makes fun bonding time.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 4: Flying Cow Ranch

Today we start the day early with buffet breakfast at Flying Cow Ranch. Its quite a spread from Taiwanese porridge to sausage & bacon. The boys cannot enough of salted eggs.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 3: Cingjing Farm & Flying Cow Ranch

The next day, driver Wu pick us up early for the next part of our trip. We will be leaving Taipei and going to Cingjing Farm enroute to Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli.

Its a pretty long drive, about four hours to reach Cingjing Farm. It was long and winding as Mr. Wu's VW Transporter T5 climbs the hills confidently. We had lunch near Cingjing at a place call I Na Ko Restuaurant (伊拿谷). The view from this restaurant is simply breath-taking.

We saw these huge clay jars just outside the restaurant and were curious what it was. Turns out its roasted chickens, set in a up-right position, with all the chicken essence/fats dripping to the bottom. Looks so good, we have to order it to try.