Monday, February 27, 2012

Running On Empty

My most problematic PC to date has decided to kill my 2nd hard disk that I use for data storage.

All my photos, videos, documents, files, music gone in a puff. Spent like a week trying to revive the hard disk as I believe somehow the partition table and boot table got corrupted. But its dead. Was lucky I did a recent backup of Xavier's 3rd birthday photos which I suppose to work on. Have done two other backups just in case.

That new 2TB Samsung F4 hard disk is not even 9 months old. Anyway Samsung hard disk division has been bought over by Seagate and when I sent the hard disk to RMA this morning, I was wondering if they would return a Seagate hard disk instead.

And so I'm running on dry now, just a normal PC with no data at the moment...

Monday, February 20, 2012

HFMD Strikes Back

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) is back with a vengeance. Having claimed 4 infant victims at Lucas's infant care center on 14th February, it has since risen to 11 infants today, including Lucas.

Lucas's fever started on Friday night and we took him to the PD on Saturday since Xavier was having his review. Although he didn't have any of the scary red spots like when Xavier had HFMD, the PD found three throat ulcers.

We were then told that there have been an increasing number of HFMD cases already and this time round, its seems to be of a different strain (from that of Xavier's). This strain do not cause much spots and rashes so its much harder to detect.

Lucas seems to be doing fine. His fever only lasted 1 day and he had some appetite loss and was crankier than usual. But at least he didn't get the scary rashes and spots. Its challenging period now as Xavier can't go to school as well and we have to keep Xavier away from Lucas. We will take it a day at a time. As Lilian say, "船到桥头自然直".

Get well soon Lucas...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Xavier Entertains

As parents, we face countless hair-pulling moments day in day out. But there are moments when you know its all worth it. Moments like these...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lucas Development Fast Forward

Lucas seems to be developing faster/earlier than the Hokkien saying for baby progression, 7-Sit, 8-Crawl, 9-Teething. He can leopard crawl pretty fast now and his bottom two front teeth are in sight.

It took us by surprise considering Xavier was spot on with the saying; sitting on the 7th month and teething on 9th month. Lucas can sit unsupported for a few seconds but his crawling really surprise us. Below is a video but his speed is double that now. Time to bring out the Q-Steer remote control car to train his crawl. *evil grin*

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Xavier's 3rd Birthday Celebration - 2

Following our mini celebration for Xavier's birthday at home, we present part 2 of his celebration.

Today is Xavier's actual day and this year we decided to let him celebrate in his school with his friends as well. But before that, we took him to the zoo.
Xavier pointing to us where he wants to visit first.

He was very excited about the trip to the zoo. Maybe because we haven't bring him there as often as we wish to. And since he was his birthday, he gets to ride on the pony.

He also had fun at the waterplay area but I lost those photos and videos unfortunately.

When we reached his class, they were all eager and ready to celebrate his birthday. And he happily exclaims he is three years old.

The look on his face was pure joy. Maybe we should do this more often.

Here's some happy shots of his classmates.

Happy birthday again Xavier. Next year Lucas would be be to join in the celebration.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Xavier 3rd Birthday Celebration - 1

We celebrated Xavier's birthday earlier on 4th February as it was a Saturday. As per previous birthdays, we wanted to keep it small so only immediate families present.

This year he gets to choose his own birthday cake and he was very excited about having a "Lightning McQueen" cake. Even since the day we ordered the cake from Bengawan Solo till the very day of the celebration, he would keep reminding us of his cake.

And this year, he learnt his pose and would strike it when you say "帅".

Photo time with families.

This year we got him an Elephant backpack from SkipHop and a Lightning McQueen remote control car. We thought the zoo backpack series from SkipHop were very cute and we thought he might like the Penguin but Xavier choose Elephant instead.

Happy Birthday Xavier. Daddy and Mummy loves you.

Click to see what happens on his actual birthday.

p.s.: Sorry Daddy's PC run into some issues and I lost 1/3 of the photos and all the videos. So although you do not see us in any photos, we were definitely present.