Monday, January 21, 2013

Tooth Day

There are Good Days, there are Bad Days. Then there are Tooth Days. This weekend happen to be one of those tooth days.

So what are tooth days? Typically days when nothing goes right. Your baby is not his usual self, is cracky, super sticky to one of the parents, refuse to eat, refuse to sleep, refuse to stop crying, etc (you get the picture).

It looks like Lucas's Canine teeth are coming out of its gum. And he gave us hell by exhibiting all of the above behaviours. I am just so glad the weekend is over.

Xavier however took it better than both of us. He practise his writing while we deal with the mayhem.

Monday, January 07, 2013


Xavier would burst into a dance every now and then. His interpretation of dance seems to involve lots of jumping and floor action.

Lucas on the other hand prefer swaying to the music. Here is him swaying in at the beginning of the video.

Their favourite toy now seems to be the Kungfu Hamster. I actually brought it out to throw as it was old and very dirty. But they can't get enought of the Kungfu Fighting song...