Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mother's Day Celebration at LV - 2014

Mummies were in for a surprise this year.

The boys' school, Learning Vision @ Raffles Place organised a Mother's Day cocktail for the mummies. There will be the usual food and drinks prepared by the teachers and kids performance put up by the children. What the mummies didn't know was that the teachers roped in the daddies to do a little dance for them.

It was suppose to be a secret. But Xavier "I cannot keep any secrets" Lee let the cat of of the bag and told Lilian almost everything. All this while I pretended I did not know what Xavier was talking about.

We were all given the link to the dance and the music we will be doing. The daddies then tried to practice in secret. I did it when Lilian was asleep. Think the auntie across my unit enjoyed the free show. Then 1/2 hour before the cocktail, daddies stream into the school to do some last minute practice. It was pretty funny when we had to practice in the dark so the mummies would not know the surprise.

Xavier's class then perform Skidamarink and Inside My Heart.

The teachers also prepared activities for the children to do with their mummies, like a instant photo booth and cupcake decoration.

Wishing all mummies Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Xavier turns 5!

Wow, another year zooms by and Xavier is 5! Although most of the time I wished the boys grew up quickly, it's milestones like birthdays that you just wish they stay this young.

This year Xavier chose the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) theme. COWABUNGA!!

Polar Puffs and Cakes had the license for the TMNT cake designs so we got the cakes from them. I also found some cool party masks and goodies bag from We did his celebration in school on the Friday before his birthday. Xavier was so excited about his birthday that he started announcing his party the week before. We dressed him up in the TMNT tee I bought for him from San Francisco.

Lucas came over from his class to join the party. I love the shot where both boys blew the candles together.

His class look so cute with his classmates wearing the TNMT masks. Lucas came over from his class to join the party.

He had a mini party at our place with his cousins. My sis-in-law made alphabets with jelly.

Happy Birthday Xavier! We love you!