Sunday, September 20, 2009

青涩部落格 = interesting programme

I am not a fan of TV. In fact Lilian watches more TV than me. I spend more time on the PC, which is usually the first thing I switch on after the lights when i get home.

Recently, a particular TV programme caught my attention, 青涩部落格 (My World My Blog) on Channel U. I might be watching the reruns because last week and this week I caught two episodes, both on Sunday 11.30am (while eating brunch).

The programme is about real issues that local teens faced in this very time, their thoughts and their feelings, told thru short stories. As Mediacorp website puts it, ""My World My Blog" sets out to portray true youth’s stories through untainted glasses for a real life representation in the virtual world of television broadcasting."

The first episode I saw was a girl who joined gang due to peer pressure/not wanting to offend the bully and her eventually trying to leave the gang. Today's episode touch on gaming surrounding two boys, a gamer and a competitive sportsman.

The gamer was a loner with no friends and parents who wants to control everything in his life. He felt his only outlet was his PC games where he can be in control, be it conquering the world or slayer monsters. He felt his parents were like "zoo-keepers".

Parents who have children coming to their teens or younger, this program might be useful to you as it provides an insight into what is in the minds of our local teens and what issue they are facing. This would probably help you understand better and allows you to help them or approach them in different ways, instead of nagging or canning them (which I feel would probably have reverse effect on teens, making them more rebellious or feeling that you do not understand or care about them). But I do not know how many more episodes are left though.

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