Saturday, August 15, 2009

我是師奶殺手 Xavier

Seems like all the "Aunties" that Xavier go pass cannot help but give Xavier a 2nd look. His Sunshine smile, Michelin profile and Thunder Thighs are just too irresistible. Everywhere from supermarket to kopitiam to carparks to lifts, they always ask the same questions:

1) "你的 baby 很 cute hor?" - "Your baby very cute hor?"
2) "几个月了?" - "How many months already?"
3) "喝什么奶粉?" - "What milk did he drink to get so big?"
(Lilian absolutely loves this question as the Aunties usually want to know which brand of milk powder does Xavier eat to be so chubby. So Lilian will always be beaming from ear to ear when she says he is breastfed.)

Quite a number say we should bring him to baby contest/competition. Well we did consider but I have a hard time looking for contests. Seems like the information is not so readily available since most competition are independently organised. If you do come across, please let me know. Hehe.

Anyway to all the 師奶 reading this blog, below is a treat for you.

**Warning, contains nudity.**


  1. Halo daddy, too expose liao. hahahaha....

  2. Hehe, wanted to cover with "leaf" but dun have any video editing software.

  3. Your bb sooo...cute...

  4. Thanks Anonymous. :)

    Are you someone I know irl?