Daddy Blogs:
Sengkangbabies - Super daddy Andy blogs about how to bring up his 4 kids while having fun.
Daddy NiVleK - Gadget daddy Kelvin blogs about his son Jayden and his love for gadgets.
J Babies' Dad - "yan dao" Dad I met at the Dadsforlife Sand Castle Event. - Another dad I met at the Dadsforlife Sand Castle Event. And he's from my "brother" school.

The Wacky Duo - Daddy M shares his family life experiences, parenting tips and many more.
The Blogfather & Dear Xander - Daddy Winston writes weekly letters to his son and fatherly stuff too.
Ed Unloaded - Edmund share his parenting journey as a young father of three.
Christopher Vu - Photographic blogger tells his story with his photos.
Patrick Pang - Daddy blogger of three kids on children and finer things in life.
Cheekiemonkies - Another daddy blogger of three kids chronicling his Father journey.

Aussie Pete - Nice Aussie bloke I met at the Daddy Blogger gathering organised by Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning
Cooler Insights - Absolute gentleman who allow me to use his T-rex Photo from the Dinosaur Live!

Food Blogs:
ieat.ishoot.ipost - Wealth of food reviews with concentration on hawker fares.
AromaCookery - Food blogger for & 938 Live.

Photography Blogs:
Tomato Photo - Hart, our preferred baby photographer, shares his thoughts on his blog.

Blogs I Follow:
mrbrown - Favourite Singapore satire site. He needs no introduction...