Funny Quotes from XL

Xavier's been talking non-stop recently and some of the things he said are so funny we just had to document it. Lucas will probably join him in a year or two so I have titled the page "Funny Quotes from XL (Xavier and Lucas).

24 Nov 12
Me: "Xavier, daddy bought fishballs for you."
Xavier: "Daddy, why did the fish turn into a ball?"

Xavier, pointing to the newspaper advert for Hobbits: "Daddy, why is the monkey wearing a hat?"

Poor Gandalf

21 Nov 12
Earlier this morning at the dental clinic,
Dr. Martin: "Xavier you are a big boy already, you should drink your milk from a cup (instead of a milk bottle)."
Xavier: "Ok, I will drink my milk from a cup."
Later this evening,
Lilian: "Xavier, do you remember what Dr. Martin said to you this morning?"
Xavier with his astonished eyes: "Dr. Monkey???"

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